Synopsis of the so called “weekend”

Do you ever sit and wonder why the work week and weekend are set up the way they are? A typical human spends five days from Monday to Friday working and gets two days off called Saturday and Sunday. Have you ever wondered why this is so? 

The majority of people do all their major activities which are usually geared towards fun, on the weekends. It is almost like you save it all up during the week and have one big fun cocktail once Friday hits. 

I cannot decide if living for the weekend is a good thing or a bad thing. In my observations you see the moods of people shrivel into nothingness when they return to work on Mondays. They live in loathing and self-pity all day on Mondays. By Tuesday people start to talk about the up coming weekend. The rest of the week is a slow and steady progression of excitement all the way up to Friday night. But have you ever noticed how excited you get for the weekend and than you realize after the weekend goes by that it was one big disappointment. 

I am by all means not bashing weekends. I love weekends, I can golf, sleep, read a book, party, take my wife on a date. But if we live for the weekend, wouldn’t that render our week useless? 5 out of the 7 days of the week are not weekend. What do you accomplish during the week? 

Why can’t everyday feel like the weekend? Don’t give me bullshit excuses like my job wont allow me to live like that. I am not saying you living your life wrong, and i am not saying that you need to change your ways, all i am saying is that life needs to be prioritized. Make everyday the weekend. Not everyone gets the privilege to relax everyday like the weekend, but its a mind frame. The way you approach each day, every day is a blessing and everyday is beautiful. If everyday is not as excited as the weekend, it is time to make that happen and seize everyday like it is the greatest day on ever!


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